Why Dates and Deadlines are Important in Registering a Trademark

In the process of registering a trademark, dates and deadlines can be critically important. The first reason that dates and deadlines are important in registering a trademark is that the trademark system tends to recognize the first user in commerce of a mark as being the legitimate owner of the mark. If there are two […]

Why You Should Pay a Lawyer to Register Your Trademark

1. You don’t want to mess up when you are registering a trademark. Registering a trademark is a lot like changing the alternator on an automobile. It’s pretty simple, and most people of average intelligence can do it themselves, but there some small details that can be incredibly destructive if you get it wrong. It’s […]

How To Register A Trademark

You’re here because you’re wondering how to get through the process of registering a trademark. Cool. Welcome aboard. Let’s start with a simple understanding. If you have even the slightest suspicion that you want to go through the process of registering a trademark, you need to hire and get legal advice from a trademark lawyer. […]